Using rollOut on Movie Clips w/Buttons Inside

Hi there, I was hoping someone here could help with a problem of mine. I’m using Flash MX 2004.

So far I’ve been using invisible buttons to simulate a menu disappearing, but I’ve found that it has its flaws and I’d rather use a rollOut method instead.

Here’s my dilema: In my main timeline, I have a series of buttons. When you roll your mouse over each, they send you to their respective frame later in the timeline for each different menu. The menus have buttons inside that lead to different webpages.

The unselected buttons use the code:

on (rollOver) {

To achieve the rollOut effect I’ve used (on the menu itself, a movie clip, in the main timeline):

on (rollOut) {

This works great, although there’s one problem. The menu now acts as a giant button and I cannot select any of the button entries inside.

Thanks for reading,
A solution would be very appreciated! :tie: