Using SSH instead of FTP? please help

Hello everyone,
I have a small site I am doing and I just spoke to the programmer to get the FTP details. He told me that there is no FTP access and that you can only access the files by the use of SSH??

So I read all about SSH, downloaded PUTTY.EXE, but just couldnt quite understand it. What details do I need to get from the old programmer to access the server???

Is it the same info as FTP?



need to know hostname and port… also username and password… also if its a linux or win32 webserver…

just did google and found this: may help

thanks! will ask him if its linux or windows32 webserver, he said its his own server he has at home.

Get WinSCP (if you’re on Windows):

I believe Dreamweaver MX04 has SFTP support as well :slight_smile:

thanks guys, really helped me out…cheers :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this…in a thread that is 19 years old! :stuck_out_tongue: