Using Symbols inside Packages


OK, heres the thing. Since i cannot stop the code from continuing while i’, waiting for amf to send the data, i remember to put a simple rectangle with alpha 0 in front of the stage while waiting for amf to arrive, then remove it.

Since the amf call is done from another class. I don’t know how to do this.

OK…heres the deal.

I got the main DocumentRoot:

//This is AS3 code...just put this tags to differentiate from the rest

container = new Sprite();category = new CategoryForm();
category.cat_parent.addItem({data: -1, label:"Choose a Parent Category"});
category.cat_parent.addItem({data:0, label:"Root Category"});
var cat:CategoriesManager = new CategoriesManager();
cat.getAllCategories(); //Here he call the amf server         

container.x = stg2Width;container.y = stg2Height;

This is another *.as file, another package that is reference by documentroot

public function getAllCategories(){

// Here i with to put the the rectangle.
_netConn = new NetConnection();
_resp = new Responder(onRes, onError);"App_ShopCategoriesManager.getAllCategories",_resp);

Can someone please help me to achieve this??

Thanks in Advance,