Using the if commands

Hi, I’ve had flash for a long time now but I’ve only decided to take a good look at it recently. I was looking around the net for tutorials and the like when I came across an interface that was only 50k by Synez. I don’t know if you guys have seen it, but it looks larger than 50k to me, yet it’s not. I downloaded the .fla file and looked at what the designer used the if tag a lot on the buttons and even certain frames. I guess this way he didn’t have to remake anything and this contributed greatly to the file size since he reused existing movie clips. \r Say for example that I make a movie clip where the buttons shoot out from nowhere. From this movie clip, I want to target another movie clip, the one with the content on it, without having to add anything to the buttons’ movie. I really would like to know how to use the “if” tags. Thanks\r\r( I know how to target with the dot syntax so dont worry about that)\r\

You’ll have to be more precise if you want a correct answer, my dear mystifier.\r\rpom 0]

yes… if statements can be used in thousands of different ways.