Using the myLoader component and an interactive sliding gallery


I am using a myLoader component to load and external swf that contains a horizontal sliding gallery.

The problem is, is that I don’t know the correct path to use to get the slider button (Norman) to recognize the slider mc (Nadine)

Here is the break down of the code…

I’ve gotten the slider button to drag and drop where I want it to… but now I can’t get the button to react with the gallery.

In the “sliding_gallery.swf” file there is code on the gallery mc that says this…

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {

X = (getProperty("_root.Norman", _x)-(_root.left))*(_root.factor);
newX = oldX-(X+oldX)/(_root.ease);

setProperty("_root.WindowIN.Nadine", _x, newX);

This code lives on the gallery mc (Nadine) that is in the slider.swf that is being uploaded into the myLoader component in my main.swf file.

The slider button (Norman) is also in the slider.swf.

Also, when I put the vars on the main.swf’s main timeline I was able to manipulate it like I wanted!!

If I uploaded the flas would that be helpful?

I’m sorry if my lingo is not quite up to par, I’m kind of new at this. (obviously!)
I really don’t quite understand the _root verses _parent thing!

Please help!!

Thank you soo much…