Using the <object> tag opposed to <iframe> ?!?!?! Problem solving

Hi all, i’m new to this forum. You look like a clever bunch so i was hoping someone could point out this to me… It’s driving me mad…

I designed a web page that has to be validated in XHTML 1.1 i used the <iframe> tag to open up .php files in which saved me time and trouble as i only have my index.html which carries the bulk of the code.

The <iframe> tag worked fine and when i clicked on a link from my flash menu it would open in the fram.

Now… I found out that this will not compile because the <iframe> is not valid in XHTML 1.1 anymore. So i replaced it with the <object> tag after doing much reading (i am kind of learning as i’m going along with all this FYI)

The <object> tag worked fine, however when click on my flash menu to open up a page it opens it up in a new window as opposed to opening within the <object> tag which i specified.

Have a look for yourselves;

The code i used to replace the <iframe> tag was;

<div id=“text”>
<object data="…/content/tutorial.php" title=“contentframe” type=“text/html” width=“742” height=“317” name=“contentframe”>
<param name=“contentframe” value=“contentframe”/>

The actionscript for the flash menu is;

on (release) {
getURL(“home.php”, “contentframe”);

I’m sure the answer is simple but i can’t quite see it?!?!

I could do with getting this sorted tonight as i am on a strict deadline for tommorrow morning…