Using the "Right-Click" in ActionScript

I am trying to create an animation that will rotate a MC left when I left click and right when I right click. How do I achieve this with ActionScript?

as far as i know flash can use left click and middle button but not right click. right click can only make the setting. Maybe Im wrong?

Are the the mouse clicks a necessity…???..maybe consider using on(keypress) and left and right arrows…???

this is an exmaple

but notice the other menu is there to stay, and the right-clicking isnt exactly full-proof as the Flash player, in a way, loses focus (of sorts) with the menu so rightclicking again wont re-initiate the menu in the new position

Didn’t know about the middle button. I’ll assume that it works the same as the left click. I’m a scavenger as far as actionscript goes. I look around and find exactly what I need.

One more thing. Any good tutes out there for creating a “drawing pad” in Flash. Something simple like drawing lines and simple geometric shapes that can be scaled and rotated.

Thanx in advanced

that kind of drawing pad is far from simple :wink:

but search hard enough and you will find them (if not tuts, atleast examples)

of course people are selling very basic line drawing (no shapes, just lines of different colors and thicknesses) flash apps, so if you make one with the shapes and rotation and all, you could sell it for a pretty penny :slight_smile:

Actually its not THAT hard (well for a fairly experienced user) its just very time consuming.