Using the scroll bar

Does anyone know if it is possinle to scroll a graphic or a movie instance as well as a text instance in flash. I want to scroll text and images as well. Actually text with imges embedded in it. i would like to know how to do that. Thanks guys.

yes, you can scroll images as well, just drop them into the scroll pane that your using. Generally scrollers have a mask for the content, so place whatever you want to use there.

i am new to this so please explain what is the difference between a scroll pane and a scroll bar? and btw i an using the scroll bar provided by the software.

I wasn’t using a technical term, but I think of two elements. 1. the thing that scrolls stuff & 2. the stuff that scrolls. I call that area a pane. Call it a frame or Lucy or whatever.

Sorry, but I’ve never used the scroll component that comes with flash. I generally don’t like them as it is difficult to tweek there settings and generally mess around with them. However, there are many many tutorials on how to make your own scroller and even some premade .fla’s that you can download. Just use a search.
You can also check to see if they have a tut on the scroll compontent.