Using the standard UI Component Set of Mx2004


I recently updated the MX 2004 Component set from the adobe website. This included a lot of components etc. Now I am aware that my Flash is still MX04 and NOT professional, which means that I cannot use Data Binding, Alert Components etc.

But I have some samples in Flash that use the Alert Component and it worked on my MX 04( probably because it was a compiled clip). Anyway, that’s not the point. I see so many other components like Menu,Date Picker, MenuBar,Tree etc…

  1. How can I use these components ?
  2. Do I need Mx Professional for these ?
  3. Are there help sites for all these ?

I don’t expect to be spoon fed, but I would like a tutorial or a post that points me in the right direction.

Please reply to this question…as I know I have a great software sitting here, but don’t know how to tackle it.