Using the Timeline

Hey guys, I just dove into Swift 3d and I have a simple question. I made an object and wanted to have it rotate left 360 and then rotata right 360. (Or use any of the other preset movements) I dragged a preset into my object, and I figured out how to move the keyframe so that the animation can be shorter or longer. However, when I tried to add another animation, it replaced the existing animation. Why does this do this? ow can I get two animations in a row?


PS: When does v3 come out?

On the timeline itself, just above the keyframes you’ve been moving, there should be a red rectangle you can move about. If you move this to frame 15, say, then rotate your object manually using the thing at the bottom left then your keyframes will be in frame 15. now move the red highlighting rectangle an the timeline to frame 30 and manually rotate in the other direction. should be it.
tip: the little 0 degrees symbol on the rotation tool lets you lock how man degrees you rotate at a time, handy if you want exactly 360.
This what you want?

Well… Not exactly. I am not at all knowledgable in Swift, so I am just using the preset animations. When I drag an animation form the presets onto my picture, the animation works just fine. However, I want to have my picture perform one preset animation and then do another. I can’t seem to get this to work because when I drag another animaiton onto my picture, it replaces the old animation.


bringin it up… no replies in awhile

I don’t know if you can put one preset after another. all I can suggest is to either try to follow the above instructions or, if you’re importing the animation into flash then you could just have two seperate swift files with your different presets and import them into an mc one after the other.