Using variables in script actions

hi again,\r\ri’m trying to execute the following from a function:\r\r===\rfunction play_scene (scene_name) {\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp“start”);\r}\r===\r\rscene_name is a variable that i’m passing from a button\r\re.g\r’about us’ button code:\ron (release) {\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp _root.play_scene(“about_us”);\r}\r\rthe about_us mc is on the main time line and has the instance name: about_us, so i’m assuming the problem is in the function code/syntax\r\rthanks in advance for looking at this\r:)

I don’t understand. Is the argument a scene or a mc ? If it’s an mc, you could try

  function play_scene (scene_name) {\r\r        _root[scene_name].play("start" ) ;\r\r}

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sorry about that: i confused matters by calling the function ‘play_scene’. you’re correct in your second assumption: the argument is a mc (the function plays a mc, not a scene - i’ll have to name these things better in future…\r\ri will try your code asap\r\rthanks!\r:)