Using variables to control Flash movie

I’ve looked on the net for awhile but I’m pretty sure I have a unique situation, please bear with me:

I have a home page that contains a Flash movie which auto-plays a lady speaking, then when she’s done, it loops a slideshow.

When you click on a link, it takes you (_self) to an “in-between” page that contains another Flash movie (that tells customer to be sure to come back to our page in the future). This Flash movie is coded so that it automatically opens a new window (_blank) to a different site. Then, HERE IS WHERE I HAVE MY PROBLEM, the original page (which is now hidden behind the new window) redirects you (_self) back to the homepage. SOOOO, when your on the new window, you can hear the lady’s voice in the background.

NOW, what I want to do is to pass a variable so that, when you get redirected back to the homepage, it skips the lady speaking and goes directly to the looping slideshow.

For example, “if F=1, gotoAndPlay(346);”

I know that’s not proper actionscript, I’m just saying what I have in mind.

I’ve never passed variables before, so the more detailed the better.

Note: I am using Flash CS3 and Dreamweaver CS3 (.asp)