Using variables to load different texts languages when translating website

Hi all,
I want to load a different text in my flash when I change the language setting of my website…site being in drupal and having a translation module init.
My flash in fact reads the text from a text file.

I tried using this as2 script code in flash 8:

3 vars:

  1. i18n_string:String //i18n is in fact the name of the translation module for drupal
  2. i18n_load_text:Object
  3. var lang = “some language”

i wrote the code as follows:
myLoadvar.onLoad = function(success){
if (success)
myText.text = myLoadvar.variable1; //variable1 is found in text file, and point to english text
else if(i18n=i18n_load_text[‘fr’]
myText.text = myLoadvar.variable2; //for french text

Still when running movie i get something like _level0.Text1 scrolling in it…anyone can help plz…:crying:

Also is the following correct in my text file: ??
variable1={english text}
variable2={french text}