Using varibles

I have a series of buttons which are lines up within a symbol that scroll right to left on the screen. Within the symbol, I am attempting to assign varibles when you roll over one of the buttons which puts a “<a href=“HTTP://””>"</a> address in to the varible. I want to call to this varible when you click an invisible button on the stage. The problem is that it is not recognizing my varible and is looking to page “x” which is my varible and should have been replaced with the web address. Can anyone help me?`!


so you’re trying to add dynamicaly, the url of the page to the button… very interesting… and something I’ve been working on for a while. I’ll give what insight I can.

if you place this somewhere in your script… it will asign the variable “theFirstAddress” in the _root timeline, a value equal to a url.

_root.theFirstAddress="<a href=“”">"</a>

then, attached to the button I would have this script.