Usng clearTimeout onClick

hi all

would anyone beable to help with this little bug

I have swf movies that load in on a timeDelay on Click, but can’t get to unload correclty when another click happens, I was directed to this adobe file:
[COLOR=#004477] ml#clearTimeout[/COLOR]()

but never used before and don’t really understand, would anyone beable to help implement to my onCLick script??

this is what I have on my onClick;

    [COLOR=#0000ff]  private function onMenuItemClick(event:MouseEvent ):void {
            lastMoviePlaying.load(new URLRequest(images[lastMoveIndex][email protected]));
            for (var i:int = 0; i < circleMenu.numChildren; i++) {
                circleMenu.getChildAt(i).removeEventListener( MouseEvent.CLICK, onMenuItemClick );
            circleMenu.scrollToItem(event.currentTarget as DisplayObject);
            lastMoviePlaying =;
            lastMoveIndex =;
            setTimeout(LoadMovieClip,250,,(images[][email protected]));
        private function LoadMovieClip(ldr:Loader, movieName:String):void {
            if (movieName !=null && ldr != null) {
                ldr.load(new URLRequest(movieName));
            for (var i:int = 0; i < circleMenu.numChildren; i++) {
                circleMenu.getChildAt(i).addEventListener( MouseEvent.CLICK, onMenuItemClick );

[COLOR=#0000ff][/COLOR]would anyone beable to explain how to use it and help me include with my script??
many thanks