Vacancies/Jobs for Flash Techies in India

Hello Everyone,

TATA Interactive Systems ( has the world’s largest team for custom e-learning development based both at Mumbai and Mohali. We are expanding and plan to recruit a number of people with experience in Flash. The selected candidates shall be posted at Mumbai/Mohali.

The following are expected from the candidates who apply.

  1. Good analytical and logical thinking.
  2. Good background of Maths (Being an engineers, Msc./Bsc. Maths/physics graduate would be an added advantage. BA, BCOM Candidates need not apply.)
  3. Ability to learn the latest software in the industry.
  4. Experience in Flash 5/MX.
  5. Candidates should be willing to stick to Flash and related technologies (like Communication Server, Remoting Server, Cold Fusion, etc.)
  6. Experience in Flash Communication Server/Remoting Server/Cold Fusion would be an added advantage.
  7. Candidates with ability to handle complex Flash application will be given preference.

Interested candidates mail you resume to [email protected].

Please Note: Short-listed candidates would be required to come down for a written examination.

Pay package shall be based on the experience of the candidates and are equivalent to the industry standards.

NOTE: Please let us know the following in your resume:

  1. If you are part of any forum and if so the extent of your involvement in the same
  2. A site of your where in your can show your work would be an added advantage but not compulsory
  3. Projects involved/work done in Flash
  4. Certifications if any

NOTE: Please feel free to call me at the number given below in case of any queries.

Warm regards,

Pavan Kishore K. S.
Lead Software Engineer,
TATA Interactive Systems,
PUNCOM Technological Park,
C-134, Phase 8,
Industrial Area,
Punjab - 160059
Ph: 0172-257510,11,12,13
Fax: 0172-257514

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Please Note: Short-listed candidates would be required to come down for a written examination.

Ya because that is just down the street from my house. How do they expect anybody to come down for an interview.
and check out this phone number

Ph: 0172-257510,11,12,13


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