Validating a Flash form with PHP

I’m not sure how to validate a form done in flash… Can anyone help?

What do you by validation?
explain more about what you want to be done

ok I have a form in flash that links to a php page then the info gets dumped into a database My problem is that I dont know how to make the e-mail and some other fields required.

I’m assuming you want Flash to do the validation. I’d suggest searching the Flash forums for “form validation”. This topic has been covered many times.

I’ll move this over here since you’ll get a better response in the Flash forums.,

ok…thanks. well can anyone here help out?

Like I said if you search you will find a ton of threads regarding this.

I guess if you refuse to search…

someButton.onPress = function(){
if(myText.text){ // myText is instance name of textfield
//proceed to php

Ok well I think my problem is a little complex… take a look at my file and then see what you think. (here)