Var in URL line not being processed (except on reload)

I’m liking Flash less every day.\rThrough a perl script I decide what .swf to load, and what variable gets sent in. My URL winds up looking like…\r\…1759095838\r\rclientSess doesn’t appear in my movie though. If I refresh the page, however, it works. I’m very confused. To see for yourself, [url=“”] and log in as danno / danb\r\rIn the bottom left is an indicator whether the load was successful.\r\rPLEASE HELP ME!!! \rThx

try putting that line in the html (NAME=movie VALUE=my.swf?var=value) and link the html page rather than directly to the swf.

Thanks supra. I actually know that to work but in linking directly to a swf file, it resizes itself automatically (looks better bigger, i think)\r\rIf I don’t get any other suggestions, I’ll definitely be going back to linking it as an html doc.

you can set you movie to scale to the browser window too. it’s in the publishing options, or change the html directly so that width and height = 100%.

Awesome. Supra, can you mail me an example if you have that code lying around? Post it here, or mail it to [email protected]\r\rThanks!

in publishing options (ctrl-shft-F12) go to the HTML tab and from the Dimensions drop down select Percent.\r\rpublish it and have a look at the resulting html. note where it says, WIDTH=100% etc.\r\rthat’ll do ya.