Variables are "adding" to eachother (number, string?)

So I’m loading a variable into my .swf from PHP (using loadVars) and adding two loaded variables together. However, when they are added they “add on” to eachother.


varOne = 1
varTwo = 3

varOne + VarTwo = 13 (???)

I was thinking the variable may think it’s a string, but I don’t know how to declare the variables sent in from PHP. Does anyone have any clues? Thanks.

var rgold:Number;
var rlumber:Number; 
var rstone:Number;
var riron:Number;
var rfood:Number;
var ripop:Number;
var rggr:Number;
var rlgr:Number;
var rsgr:Number;
var rigr:Number;

phpVars = new LoadVars();//create lv object
phpVars.onLoad = function(success) {
	if (success) {
		rgold =;
		rlumber = phpVars.lumber;
		rstone = phpVars.stone;
		riron = phpVars.iron;
		rfood =;
		ripop = phpVars.ipop;
		rggr = phpVars.ggr;
		rlgr = phpVars.lgr;
		rsgr = phpVars.sgr;
		rigr = phpVars.igr;
		rcommchk = phpVars.commchk;
		timerresult.text = phpVars.tmrrslt;
		debug.text = phpVars.tracker;

	} else {
		//...or notify of failure
		_root.output.text = "fail";



function increaser():Void {
	rgold += rggr;
	rlumber += rlgr;
	riron += rigr;
	rstone += rsgr;
	rfood += rfgr;

Click the black button in the .swf.