Variables calling variables


i need help with a dynamic text box and what is loaded into it. the function for my buttons defines a new variable “newChoice” and sets its value to the “this.varTitle”. It then tells the movie clip containing the text box gotoAndPlay (2). At that point the text box should update to the value of “newChoice” but it doesnt work.

if i tell it to update something absolute, like a string, it works, but i think there is a problem with the layers of variables i’m using. anyone know how to get around this? thanks!
[/color][color=RoyalBlue][color=SeaGreen]//------ main function:[/color]
playDots = function () {
this.onRelease = function() {
[/color][color=RoyalBlue][color=SeaGreen]//------ also in the main timeline:
[/color]loadVariables(“vars.txt”, “”);
studio.varTitle = studio_txt;
motionC.varTitle = motionC_txt;[/color][color=RoyalBlue][color=SeaGreen]
[/color][/color][color=RoyalBlue][color=SeaGreen]//------ the action in wellB’s timeline:
//------ (“desc_txtX” is the dynamic text box)