Variables for function names

Good day,

Here is the project I’ve been working on:

Currently, it’s overly big because my scripting is verbose and cumbersome.

I’ve created an array to hold 8 function names:

_global.swatchFunction = [“dropAUL”, “dropAUR”, “dropALL”, “dropALR”, “dropBUL”, “dropBUR”, “dropBLL”, “dropBLR”]

I have 8 buttons on the stage. Each button is supposed to change the function so that I can use the same scrolling thumbnail mc to load images into different placeholder mcs.

So I proposed to myself that each button would have:

functionName = swatchFunction[0];

I’ve created the 8 functions in the first frame, so all I’m trying to do is swap over the function name with the on(release) handler.

Basically, can I use a variable to call a function?

Any suggestions? Direction? Thanks.