Variables from Loaded Clip?

loadMovie(“tracks/track”+songlist[track]+".swf", “target”);

Im loading a sound clip, into a “target” moveclip.
It loads, and beings play fine an all, only problem is that the title and the artist name dosen’t update.

// First frame of the clip BEING Loaded
Title = “One Week”;
Artist = “Bare Naked Ladies”;

I tried doing this in the root, right after the loadMovie action
Artist = _target.Artist;
Title = _target.Song;

Didn’t work for me? Any ideas

I tried doing this next:

_root.Artist =;
_root.Title =;

Now, it sets the stuff as the info for the previous track that was loaded. Like if I press next track, the info for the old track comes up, not for the new.

Any ideas?

Did u try accessing the Var from levels, so it would look like:

_root.Artist =;
_root.Title =;

Target isn’t in level2. Im not dealing with levels

Not sure if i make sense?

A friend of mine helped me and i got it working. Thanks anyway.

For those that were curious, it wasnt getting run on time properly. I need to make it in an action inside a movieClip. on(EnterFrame){