Variables/functions "pushed" to level0 on loadMovie

I posted this in the Flash8 forum, but I guess this is the right forum for this question:

Hey guys!
I’m trying to get an interface that will load external MCs that contain timeline control functions in them. Basically these are long “topics” that currently interface through a web content program - I would like to unify them into a single flash-based interface, but the functions that are in the external flash files, such as this:

[COLOR=seagreen]dwnLine = function () {
totalBytes = getBytesTotal();
loadedBytes = getBytesLoaded();
percentDone = (loadedBytes/totalBytes)*100;
percentDoneRd = Math.round(percentDone);
setProperty(“timeline.progLine.loadLine”, _xscale, percentDoneRd);

get pushed to level0 when you load the next MC, instead of just being deleted with the old MC. I’ve tried creating a function on the root timeline to delete the variable and the specific function names, but its not working, it just fights with the phantom functions endlessly creating/deleting the variables. This is turn screws up the timeline in the new MC that was loaded. Does anyone know why/what Flash is doing here? If I knew the reason it was being pushed up to level0 I could stop it, but I’m a bit lost. Thanks, lemme know if you need more info or a sample to answer! :link:

PS: I’m using a simple

[COLOR=seagreen]on (release) {
loadMovie (“Loader1.swf”, “/contentclip”);

to load the new MCs into a container MC called “contentclip”