Variables to tell Flash where the user is

Hey all! Another question… sighs OK, well I am making my page so that when you click a button, it makes a window with the content do a little animation and then pop up in the scene. Then, when you click another link, the window will do the reverse animation to disappear and then the first animation to reappear and show the new content. The animations are the same except that they display the different text going through the animations. The problem is, how do I let Flash know what page it’s on. For example, if you are on the About Me Page, how can you let Flash know that it is there so that it will perform the right animation? BTW, the animations are all contained within one movie clip. The text is in the same movie clip as static text, not as a symbol. It simply appears and disappears throughout the animation.\r\rThanks!\r\rbrad

I’m not possative if this will help or not, but it might. I’ve used it to some effectiveness in these situations.\r\rIn you’re getURL, or loadMovie commands, there’s a place to put the address of the next file to load, or whatever. In this address you can add variables… like so.\r\rloadMovie(“myFavoriteMovie.swf?gotoVariable=1”);\r\rthen in the movie that’s being loaded, you can have an if statement to detect which variable came in with the request for that file.\r\rLet me know if you can’t use that… I’ll look for another method.\r\rQuestions:\r\r1) are you using getUrl to link to various web pages, or are you using loadMovie() to load an swf into a movie clip on your stage, OR are you using loadMovieNum to load an swf into a target level of the flash player?\r\r2) when you say open a window, do you mean open a browser window or an animated window made in Flash, which is inside your swf?

Sorry let me be more clear. By window I mean an animated window that I made. So far, I was just going to use gotoandplay. But I don’t know how to assign it a variable.

Hey nevermind guys I figured it out.