Vector art: Jungle Scene

Wow, well it must be at least a year since I’ve visited these forums, hope you’re all doing well, hopefully I’ll be making a more permanent return in a few months time.

Anyway with a little luck someone will be able to help me out of a little dilema I’m facing.

My client wants me to take scenes straight off the Jungle Book 2 DVD and use them on his site which I’m not happy to do. Even if I were to do as he asked I’d also need to add my own animations to the site which wouldn’t be up to the standard of the backgrounds so would look silly.

So I’m thinking maybe I should just bite the bullet and draw the scenes myself, only problem is I’ve not really done much vector art and the scenes need to be to a high standard.

Has anyone got any good tutorials for vector cartoon drawing (in Flash or Photoshop) or any tips on how the hell I’m going to do this? There’ll be a lot of detail to draw so maybe I should get a graphics tablet?

The other option would be to pay someone to do the artwork for me, my client has stated ‘money is no object’ but I don’t really want to test this theory unless I absolutely have to!

Cheers my k peeps :love: