Vector Intersection to Pseudo

Hello and i hope i posted on correct forum title and I need the answer as quick
as possible because I’m having a competition of some sort of… :!:

In Flash Action Script Language Form the code of Vector Intersection will be in this way:

v3={vx:v2.p0.x-v1.p0.x, vy:v2.p0.y-v1.p0.y};
var t=perP(v3, v2)/perP(v1, v2);
function perP(va, vb){
	pp = va.vx*vb.vy - va.vy*vb.vx;
	return pp;

The following code can be found here: [URL=“”]

But in normal Pseudo or any simpler form of script can someone translate it for me?
Assume in this example:

Programming Language:

x += y


x = x + y

Anyway, I’m pretty Sick & Suck in flash with tha vector Intersection script given above.
I worked for a day still can’t find out how to work it in normal form.
I use “Game Maker” by Markover Mars as my main platform language.
And i need to work that thing in game maker (GML) language.