Venture Capital Firms

Hey all!

This is quite random, but this is the random thread so what the hell. The last two summers I’ve been working at two different tech companies. The first one, ePlus, was just a basic IT-ish internship. The second one was much cooler, ICO Global Communications, and involved a very dynamic start-up…I learned a crap-load about how a start-up works through internal board-meetings, PR calls, talking to senior execs (there are only a few hah), etc.

Anyway, because I’m quite interested in Entrepreneurship/Business I would like to somehow obtain an internship at some Venture Capital Firm this summer. That would complete the circle…a Entrepreneurship Summer Course at the Uni of Maryland, Internship at ICO, and finally another internship at a Venture firm… That way I could see the entire spectrum of what I think I’d like to study. My question to you all, is do any of you have any special connections and want to hook me up with a internship somewhere (:P)? If that’s not possible (Which it’s probably not haha), do any of you know any local VC firms around the Washington D.C., Northern VA, MA area? I’ve already generated a small list, but I want to what you guys know about this.

Eric Huang