Very Complicated Question Very Simple Answer

Ok basicly I know this is pretty wrong and all I need is how to reword it i guess

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
if (_root.mover, hitTest( {
n = Number(n)+1;
bn = “box” add n;
duplicateMovieClip (“box”, bn, n);
setProperty (bn, _x, Number(getProperty(bn, _x))+Number(n*(Number(getProperty(bn, _width))+0)));
set (bn add “:n”, n);
} else {
_root.text = “No Collision”;
Basicly the Movie clip “box” covers up a health bar and when the ship gets hit the box covers it so it apears as its going down. Also if you can get it to add the clip to the left instead of the right that would be great. Also lets say it takes 7 boxes to cover the whole bar. How would u go to frame after there is 7 boxes?

I know its kinda messed up but im a newbe and i need a lil help

thanks in andvance