Very newb question about hyperlinking to target

apologies - flame away. i searched the forum but couldn’t find anything.

how do you define a target window when hyperlinking from flash?

that’s it. i’ll meekly crawl back under my rock now. thanks.

wow. way to do a search on the forums but not read the post half a dozen messages down. sorry.

hi there,

you can target a window when hyperlinking from flash by clicking on the getUrl() function (i am assuming you know how to do that) and in the three text boxes that follow you should see a box with Window next to it and a drop down arrow on the extreme right. Click on it to target where your link should open. You can even define your own target as is used when targeting flash with frames by typing in the name of the frame you wish to target the link in.

You’re right it’s simple, but no flames :stuck_out_tongue:

there is a window that says “window”

that is your target :stuck_out_tongue:


that’s really fab of you both. thanks a million!