Very newbie question, plz help out

hey guys, I have a newbie question about action scripting to ask, I hope you understand what I am saying.

I want to know what action I should use for this. For example, I want to click on a button, it load up my intro movieclip, after the movieclip is done and it automatically load to my next scene. Can anyone what should I do? thankyou!

Scenes are so out. loadMovie is so in. Get with the times. HAHA, I am just messing with you. It is true though, but since you are new Scenes are acceptable:) When you feel confident enough I definitely recommend reading up on loadMovie() though, it will become your friend in Flash Layouts.

Ok so you start your movie with your first Scene, I am assuming your first scene will be your intro. Now to get it to go to the next scene when the intro animation is over do this…

Rigth click on the very last frame of your intro animation and select “Actions” to open the actions panel. Inside the panel add this code…


Tah Dah, your movie should advance onto the nextScene. It should actually do it automatically(if you don’t have a stop() action on the frame), but if not, that is the code you can use.

Instead of loading your clip you can put your button in Frame 1 of your animation and include a stop() action on the frame. This will keep the movie at that spot. Now you can right click on the button and choose “Actions” again to open the actions panel. Then you could add this code to your button…

on (release){

This will make it play the rest of your animation.

not work.
maybe I didn’t say more specific. I am using flashmx, at my intro, I have 2 frames and 2 layers at the timeline. the first layer at frame one is where i put my button and stop action and gotoAndPlay(2);
, the second layer at frame 2 is where i put my movieclip. Then i created another layer on top of those 2 layers and put the nextscene (); action at frame 2. What i did wrong??

Ok, since your animation is encased in a movieclip you will have to put the nextscene action in the last frame of your movieclip instead of the last frame on the main timeline.

stop not work…don’t know what 's wrong.

right click on the Frame. Select “Actions” from the menu to open the actions panel.

There you add a stop action. It should work. You can find the stop action by clicking on the Plus sign in the actions window, then going to “Actions” then to “Movie Control” and selecting “Stop”. The action looks like this…


i meant still not work, not stop not work , sorry. a goto next scene action on last frame of a movieclip won’t do anything after the movieclip over.

Ok, I am in a semi-rush here so the file I attached is sloppy, but it works. I had to edit a few things to get it to work.

I included comments that will hopefully help you figure out what I did. I won’t be here this weekend, but if you post questions I am sure someone else will answer them, unless you post them before I leave, then I will answer them.

PS: The file uploaded is for MX and will not work in Flash 5. Which version of Flash are you using? If you are using 5 I will try and explain what to do.

thx for the file, and sorry for being so newbie :*( thanks for everything and you have helped me alot.

Hey don’t worry about it. To be truthful I was stumped for a second there myself. But then I realized you could only call the nextScene() action on the main timeline, so I had to make the movie go back to the main timeline to a frame that contained the nextScene() action (aka Frame 3 in the file).

I hope my file helps you out:)

Hey lost - I use on a button

on (release) {

and it goes to the next scene - or is that not what you meant.

What he has in an intro animation inside a movie clip.

He wanted a button to first trigger the animation, and then after the animation is played out, it will redirect onto the next scene.

So what I did was made a button on frame 1, added the animation clip on frame 2 and added the nextScene action on frame 3. On the button I added a gotoAndPlay(2) action to start the animation. On the last frame of the movie clip in frame 2 I added a _parent.gotoAndPlay(3) action so it will goto and play the frame which redirects to the next scene.

Make sense? Or am I doing things the difficult way again?

PS: Oh yeah, I also added stop() actions on frame 1 and 2 of Scene 1 and on Frame 1 of Scene 2.

Ooohh. I thought nextScene() could be called from anywhere. The way you’ve described works, but I’m just curious to whether when the animation is finished, instead of going the main time line, then next scene, just a nextScene() in the last frame of the animation.

Not sure - have to try it.

You’re right - putting nextScene() in the last frame of the mc doesn’t take it to the next scene.

And by the way pepsi_cola - it’s because of you my kidneys hurt.

Nope, that doesn’t work, that was what I was baffled about, but then I realized that it can only be called from the main timeline. I am supposing it is because it is going from the _root of Scene1 to the _root of Scene2.

You’re right that it can’t be called from within an mc, but the _root of scene 1 and 2 is the same. _root changes when you load a new movie into a new level, then a movie in level1 would have the _root in level1 and not in level0. Level0 _root would become _level0. And boy my kidneys do hurt! Toooo much pepsi.

lol, we are putting too much thought into this. Let’s just say Macromedia wanted nextScene() to only be called from the main timeline and thats the way it will have to be!!! I would think about it more but it is 3am here and I am too tired to ponder on it…haha(-:

Yes although knowing that _root changes when you load a movie into a new level is very important - in level1 if you say _root.gotoAndStop(“there”) - it looks at the main time line in level 1 not back in level 0.

But hey, al pepsi_cola asked was how to get to the next scene so there’s no point waffling on

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