Very quick $100 (US) - AS job

I’ve been swamped so Im short on time. I’m looking for someone with good AS skills to finish a component for me. It it pretty much done, I just need a few features added to it quickly. Here’s the job:

The main portion of this is done. Flash (MX) component that reads client given phrases from a txt file then puts them into an array and displays them at random for a period of five seconds.

AS to be sure no phrases are repeated before entire list has been cycled through… FYI: right now the AS picks a random Index[#] for the array and displays that - which allows it to repeat itself (esp in small arrays) ; (ideas: shuffle array then go through list then shuffle again - dont care how just an idea someone here gave me.). ALSO I need to have an alpha fade out- fade in between phrases.

Like I said I will send you a check for $100 US for this (only after completion of project). I understand those of you that may doubt my reputation, but ask some mods here… I’ve been around for a pretty long time (sadly not enough recently). Helped others with jobs and been helped by many (esp thanks to Rev in the begining of my business - though he may not know it :wink: ). In short I hope someone can help me out in a quick and timely manner so I can pay them in the same way!

Of course I have all the files you’ll need just email me ([email protected]) if you are interested and you’ll get them. Also PM me on this site too and I’ll get back to you.


Sent you an email :slight_smile:

Sent back :wink: