Very quick php and flash question

Hey all,
I know this is possible, I just havent found anyway of doing it.
I have learnt how to set variables in php by including them in the URL. Like this one for example…

…will make $variabull = porkchops. Now how do I get that info to an swf? I’ve used echo() before, but thats always been done by starting from the swf, and performing a blahblah.sendAndLoad thinger, getting info back from the php.

Reason being I have a dictionary thing made in flash (where each entry has its own frame), and I would like it so that poeple can link to specific entries in that dictionary with just a line of URL - Such as www.mysite/dictionary.php?entry=waffles will load the swf as well as doing the php, and then once its loaded, flash can pull the variable $entry out of the php and redirect the swf playhead to the appropriate frame.

Any ideas?