Very simple CMS that just adds/edits existing database?

I was wondering if anyone knew of an ultra-simple web-based database editor. I have tried alot of the CMS solutions and many of them are very nice but they have too many features. I am just looking for one that can:

  • list the entries in the table i specify as text links > click the link to edit the content
  • edit the content in that cell > update database with changes
  • work with / edit the system of templates i already have in place.

So basically a super limited myphpadmin, if you will, with no user management, just editing of content. The clients i do work for aren’t constantly refreshing the site, it would be just for occasional edits; just enough functionality that they could manage the content of the site themselves.

If anyone has some suggestions i’d love to hear. Even if it is something i could download and then customize, that would be great. Thanks!