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Hello folks!

Been away for a while - STILL trying to get my site finished…!

My latest problem is this:

For the site I’m doing I need to offer the user clips of video for either streaming or download. Unfortunately I’m using Flash 5, not MX (yes, Macromedia brought out MX about a month after I got 5…).

What’s the best way to do this? I’ve already made the movie small enough, but it’s in Windows Media format (.wmv). Is this an advisable format? Can Macs read this or people without Windows Media Player?

Anyway, that bit’s the least of my worries. The way I’d tried to get around it was to use the getURL function. It worked fine and dandy on my computer - opened the movie in another browser window - but when I’ve tried it on other ones there are a few problems. As everyone’s PCs are set up differently, different things happen - i.e. one with a download manager just starts downloading it and even when I try to bypass this it doesn’t play.

Anyway, I think I’m getting confusing here! What I really want to ask is what’s the best way to solve my problem, other than lining Macromedia’s pockets for a hundred-odd pound upgrade to MX? The other problem is I know little about website production outside of Flash, so any pointers on streaming would be greatly appreciated!


(p.s. If you want to see what I’m on about, go to The video clips are in the Broadcast/Production section)

Is the video content embedded to an HTML page? If not, try that and it should play in the browser rather than prompt viewers to download it.

Thanks, will give it a go!

Hey Ollie!

Long time no see. Or as the Old Fisherman said as he dropped his watch into the Sea, Long sea, no time… :wink:

Hey Renngirl!


Yeah, haven’t had much time to do much Flashing for a while!

The website’s taking ages - it’s turned out to be much bigger than I thought and I’m trying to juggle it with other stuff at work. Anyway, I think the end is just about in sight now!

Still having a few probelms with this video though! Rennaissance Girl - I tried embedding video onto a web page in Dreamweaver but can’t seem to work out how to do it! I haven’t used Dreamweaver much. Do you think you could point me in the right direction?



Thats really nice werk! Good job…