Video / playback performance on my site

Hi everyone, i’m experiencing some playback performance issues i’m experiencing on a recent site i built ( it’s my first with AS3 )

The video seems a bit choppy at times. They do shoot in HD, and want to have it looking sharp so i’m using a decent size resolution at around 800kbps compression using Flash video encoder. Also i do have several filters running here and there, and the video is actually being drawn into a bitmap and copied. Anyone have any pointers with similar playback issues?

Also, there’s one other quirk in that, when you switch from viewing one video to another, when the second video loads you can see a frame from the previous one still loaded. There is only one video player instance, so it’s reusing the bitmap it draws to but there doesn’t seem to be any way for me to clear it - until the next video actually loads.

the vids are in the portfolio section: