Video Tips? - embedded video HOGGING CPU

I can’t figure out what’s going on here- I’ve tried every setting and even tried to sacrifice control by using an .flv all to no avail. I’m getting CPU usage of upwards of 60-70% at times when running my video at quality - medium (and this is on a dual processor g5).

Any tips or tricks on how to work with lots of embedded video? I’m working with uncompressed quicktimes and am importing them into flash with medium 400 kbps compression. Then I’m working with embedded video right on the stage so that I have paramount control. I’ve replaced all the pauses with a still so that the timeline rests over an empty video keyframe to unload CPU usage.

I’ve visited several sites with lots of video and most of them rarely jump above 30-40% CPU. BILLY BUSSEY’S is pretty similar as far as video content to the site I’m working on (lots of 3d animation) and it’s way more efficient. I will post a link to my site tomorrow once I get it tidied up a bit more.

Thanks everyone