VideoPlayer Class problem

Hi guys,

I am trying to create a video player class that allows me to get all kinds of information from a video i’m playing like duration, current position etc.

I let a function run every half second in order to trace the current video position, but it just won’t work!
When I trace getVideoPosition(), it only says: undefined.

Do you have any idea how to make this work?

Thanks a lot!

class videoPlayer {
    var netConn;
    var netStream;
    var meta;
    var duration;
    var interval_id;
 function videoPlayer() {
        this.netConn = new NetConnection();
            trace("NetConnection established");
        this.netStream = new NetStream(this.netConn);
            trace("NetStream established");
        var t = this;"test_video.flv");
         this.interval_id = setInterval(getVideoPosition, 1000);
    function getDuration()    {
        return this.meta.duration;
    function getVideoPosition()    {
            return this.netStream.time;
    function play(url)    {
        if (url != undefined)         {

// CLASS END