Visibility of the buttons

I do not want any visibility of my new buttons that I will create until these actions are fufilled by the person.
C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Flash MX\Help\Flash\ContextHelp.htm

This example loads a new URL into a blank browser window. The getURL action targets the variable incomingAd as the url parameter so that you can change the loaded URL without having to edit the Flash movie. The incomingAd variable’s value is passed into Flash earlier in the movie using a loadVariables action.

The first would be load variables
on(release) {

on(release) {
getURL(incomingAd, “_blank”);

I want to release a button for each of these actions when someone performs a click and I want to pass the variables to the next button for each time the person clicks on the webpage on my site. I would refer to them to probably

So how would i do these with the new buttons that I will create.

I have the first blue button loading the text and the url at

Really the buttons I have are just textual telling the person to keep clicking except the first button. The third is going to another website.

So I am going to some other rectangular buttons and these buttons are going to remain invisible until the variables are passed
So how would I program these invisible buttons with the actions above?

you can create buttons based on the completion of an action in flash, by putting an actionscript on the main timeline to watch for that completion and then execute the command to place the button on the stage and you can also create those buttons with actionscript already attatched to them (i think) but it’s really hard to tell you exactly how to do that without completely understanding what you’re doing.

maybe its just the sunday beer talking. i’ll take a look at it monday at work and maybe i can give you a better answer :smirk:

I want the small rectangular buttons on the button stage that appear after someone clicks on treasure box and the clicks on the url and brings up the first window of searchbadger that says go to step 2
they actually have to click on the searchbadger window before the rectangular button says to go to step 2 and then done and then get the bonus icon.
for each time a new window appears go to the next step

i’m sure theres a fancy scripting way of doing this but it’s really not needed.

all you need to do is create an MC that is just a white box. put all of your buttons on the stage and assign them multiple actions … also cover up all your buttons and instructions with instances of the white box MC

getURL(, _blank);

each successive frame will have one of the instances of the white box disappearing from over the buttons thus revealing the next action to perform

hope this helps … let me know if i need to clarify more

think simple :slight_smile:

Okay. I put you on my buddy list. I will think small.
I will write back if it doesn’t work.
Thanks so much.

you’re quite welcome
i’m always happy to help :slight_smile: