Visiting England.. Brits reply

Hey Brits. Upuaut is in London right now. Visiting the Southeast side today. If anyone is around and wants to say hi in person, My wife and I would be glad to share a pint. If not, that’s cool. I’ll check the forum as often as time allows.

Peace ya’ll

Sorry it took me a bit to reply, but no one was in London anyway. I’m back now. It was simply amazing.

6 days in UK, London and then York, with stops at Stonehenge, Bath, and Winsor, then 5 days in Ireland, including Dublin (pit :slight_smile: ), then Dingle, and Kilarney.

Back now… and sorting through 900+ images. Took some real money shots. I’ll try to post at least a couple here in the next day or so.

[QUOTE=Seb Hughes;1978137]Man If I was where my bro is, I could have gone to visit ya. He doesnt live far from London. Max 20 min drive or somthing.

Cricket is the worst sport ever. Infact I dont think it deserves to be classed as a sport.[/QUOTE]

Futbol for teh win!!!