Vista Aero problem. Just me?


So I’ve been playing around with Bill’s new child. I must say i was sceptic but Aero looks and feels really nice (in my opinion) and most of my software runs just as or even a little faster than under xp. So, it’s not OSX, but it’s second best. I exclude Linuxes since i can’t run my software on those. Sorry but Gimp is not Photoshop.

I do have a couple of problems. One of them concerns us all i think, it’s about Flash 8. When i run it in aero enviorment, entering / exiting movieclips is very slow. I can see that square that used to just flash real quick slowly grow big till it’s screen’s size. Switching to classic windows theme sorts it out.

Just something for You all to keep in mind. And give us a shout if You find a solution.