Vista shortcut arrows fix

I don’t care for the shortcut arrows on desktop icons. Here’s a supposed fix (I’ve tried TWEAK UI _ won’t work) at:

The part I don’t get is highlighted in red taken from that page:

**Install: If you used a program or a reg file that removed the IsShortCut values; merge RestoreArrow.reg to restore them.
Copy Arrow.dll (Icon Resources Library) to your Windows or System32 directory.
**[COLOR=red]Merge RemoveArrow.reg to remove the arrows / merge LittleBlackArrow.reg if you want small black arrows.
[/COLOR]Log Off and Log On or Restart your computer.

Call me dumb but what is “Merge” and what is “IsShortCut values”? Can anyone restate these install instructions in a better (simpler) way?*

  • I’ve done nothing to any reg files.

Thanks any help! :slight_smile: