Volume control using a knob

I gave it a go and I cant get it to work, I dont want to use a slider I need this with a knob. Any one know of a way to do this? Oh, I did a search and couldnt get anything.

In the common library on flash mx theres a knob controller… i’m pretty sure Flash MX uses them in one or 2 of their tutorial files… have a look and see

Oh yeah i just had a look at that knob and its a pan knob but you still should be able to edit it so it works for volume control

If you make a variable equal to the rotation of the knob mc, you can control the volume with that. Lets say the knob starts on the 9oclock postion, and it rotates 180degress clockwise to 3oclock. Roughly, 2degress can be equal to +1 decibels (not really decibels tho) volume.

I tried the knob and couldn’t get it workin, but I went with something that works better, thanks anyway