[Voluntary assistance] Flash/PHP/MySQL project

Hi, this may seem like a weird and sympathetic request, but I’d appreciate it if you guys give it a read first…

My name is Wanie and I’m a final year digital media student. Being in digital media, I’m used to interactive designs that involved a lot of Flash. However, despite the design skills that I may possess, my backend scripting isn’t that strong. But for my Final year project, I’ve decided to do something I’ve never done before that is to use PHP and MySQL with my flash application becoz:

  1. I wanted my Final year to be something applicable and useful in the future for me
  2. I wanted to learn about server side before I graduated

The problem is now, there was this guy I met on a forum that was generously kind to help me out but recently, he has been missing and we’re out of contact, which left me completely dumbfounded as I have no other expert to turn to. I’ve been following tutorials along the way and he has been there to help me out but now that he’s missing (during the time that I needed to start on my server side), I’m just really blank!

So, as to end this long pathetic post, I’d be more than glad if any of you could lend a helping hand, though I wouldn’t know what to promise you in return. :frowning: I really wish I could hand in some cash but I’m from Malaysia, and most of you guys are probably overseas, and I wouldn’t know how much my money would be worth your help… hee…

The main goal I wanted to do this FYP (tho i’ve been warned it’d be risky) is so I’d graduate not just as a designer, but someone that has a backend background as well…

And I really hope there’s someone out there who would be kind enough to guide me through it… here are my contact details: