Ok, the contest is over now (wohoo!!!), and there have been some great submissions. So, how should the best animations be chosen? Should all of them be placed in a pile for everyone to vote, or should be best ones from each person be voted for?

Kirupa :pirate:

I think you choosing the best of each participant would be fair.

And I like the interactive side of this contest :stuck_out_tongue:

okie dokey, I’ll have it all ready for voting tomorrow then :slight_smile:

Well, that’s only my opinion. If someone thinks they have a better idea, please say so.

pom :slight_smile:

No I agree with you Ilyas. Kirupa is the admin of this board and he should choose the ones that he feels is worthy of being on the poll from each participant.

I agree with Ilyas too.

Don’t forget about skill level!!!

:::kneels down and begs so at least one of my entries will make it :stuck_out_tongue: :::

an entry from each person will definitely make it; beyond that any other nice entries that I think are nice will also be included.

Kirupa :smirk:

WOO HOO!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll have the voting last for about a few days so I can get the word out to all the visitors to the site to vote for the best entry. I’d like to have as many people vote so that it will make the voting seem more fair.

Kirupa :pirate:

How about making the voting part last an even week?

Start voting this friday, close the poll at the end of next thursday night and the results will be seen on Friday.

How does that sound?

sounds excellent!

great =)

Good idea. It’s good that everybody who participated has one of its entries making it to the finals :slight_smile:

hrmmm i should of posted something :(…but i had no idea what was going on…oh well. Maybe next time :). i really like all of urs pom…really good :slight_smile: