Hi all,

I would be very interested to hear your thoughts regarding my latest client site.

at http://www.wackylemon.com

I posted this on flashkit yesterday and was made aware of an issue with the flash scrollbars failing to init() properly on load when viewed via 56k :frowning:

Can you tell me if I’ve fixed them now or not?
if you reply can you include your connection speed please.

many thanks

The site is very neat!! :slight_smile:

I had no problems with the Flash scrollbars, im on broadband. For some reason though on 800x600 the site is cut and no scrollbars in the browser are shown, you can’t view the whole site, might wanna fix that :slight_smile:

Well i have to say WOW. Very nice site. Cool graphics not trendy or any thing. Good color scheme and easy to ready. Love the menu interaction. That is the factor between a good site and a great site. Nice work man.

i’m on 56k and everything seems fine. i love the colors. very nice site.

Very Viewtiful!

very nice and smooth - great site.