Wait till movieclip gets to particular frame then play another section of movieclip


I’m trying to reconstruct http://www.kswissfreerunning.com/AU/ with movies of my own.

Basically I have an array that contains the letters the user enters and I have the movie in a separate moviecilps with labels representing the letters.

I have a (what I think) logical set of code here to run through each letter in the user enters:

for(var k=0; k < letterArray.length; k++){

The problem is that it will only play the last letter the user enters. How am I able to make my flash wait till it gets to the end of a section of the movieclip, then play the next one, without it rushing to go straight to the last letter.

My pseudocode looks like this:

For the length of the array
play the next letter
**when that letter movie gets to the end
**play the next letter

Thanks in advance.