Wallpaper of me!

First of all, I wont make you download it or sumetin, just to show my favourite wall, LOL :smiley:
Done today, fresh fruit babeh!

Why do you guys have to make me god **** sad all the time, eh? :frowning:
Phuck it! :frowning:

It’s not our goal to make you sad or anything… Besides, you got lots of positive comments, didn’t you? Cheer up man, it’s a nice wallpaper, you just have to understand not many people want your face on their desktop =)

And cute footer, Radioactivechimp :thumb:

Its our job. :slight_smile:

Its a combination of the cutout filter in PS. Under the artistic filters, maybe a glaussian blur to reduce the number of shapes. After that its just a matter of coloring the different cutouts. (could also be done with an image colored and then have the filter applied.) Very nice effect, i use it in combination with with threshold to get punk-like images of high contrast similar to misfits logo or just an interesting effect

Dude… don’t take it to heart… I just don’t find you attractive in that way… I’m into chicks… :wink:
Joking… Honestly, unless it was someone who knows you, and probably only if they really like you, they’re not going to want your mug as a desktop. As a regular piece of artwork, it rocks, you should post in on DeviantArt.com
If you’re looking to do a desktop image, use a picture of something or someone else - movie star, game/cartoon charater, cool random photograph, and then apply the same effects. The style is really nice, just using for the wrong purpose.
No one’s saying your ugly, but, you know… I just don’t like you in that way… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: