Wanna see a funny site?

Wanna see a funny site? this is a adress i got from a friend…

this doesn’t seem to work, sorry fot that… i dont want to offend anyone…
but here it is www.p o r n o l i z e .com
(without the the spaces between the letters, i had to do this because the forum wont allow the word ****o…)


There is no link any where in your post.

Well, here is a funny site that I found: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/mugshots/index.html It has mugshots of some famous people including Bill Gates, Shepard Smith (shocked! shocked!), and others.

Kirupa :goatee:

That is funny. Denis Rodman looked happy in his mug shot. :slight_smile:

Hahah those are great. I was wondering what Bill Gates would be arrested for, and laughed like hell that it was just a traffic violation.


I find it a tad disturbing to see so many drunk driving charges punished with nothing more than some probation time? What’s up with that?

Regardless, Nick Nolte looks great!