Want a percentage preloader

i’m looking for percentage preloaders…my site is like 80kb and takes a while to load on 56k, i have found many flash 5 preloaders but i need a tutorial that teaches percentage preloader in flash mx… please help…sites and or links please!\r\r:smokin:

The percentage preloader in the “best of Kirupa” post called “Preloader rerevisited” should work fine in MX

those links no longer work…can i see a preview of what it looks like…to see if ive done it right?\r\r:smokin:

those links would work, but Upu’s server is down. \r\rgo to any Flash site that has a preloader. It looks just like that. hell, go here\r\rhttp://www10.brinkster.com/jubbaorf/requiem/flashtest/test.html\r\rthats the site I’m making. Click on one of the buttons and it will show you a preloader. I used pretty much the same code. and I’m usin MX

cool…so i did it right…i don’t know where i would be without all your help…thx again! :rollin: \r \r :evil:

[email protected]#%ing server

// the numbers below are for the default stage size of 550x400.\rif (!zInit) {\rcreateEmptyMovieClip(“mcBorders”, 2);\rcreateEmptyMovieClip(“mcProgress”, 1);\rmcBorders.lineStyle(2, 0x0000ff, 100);\rmcBorders.moveTo(25, 180);\rmcBorders.lineTo(25, 220);\rmcBorders.moveTo(525, 180);\rmcBorders.lineTo(525, 220);\rmcBorders.zInit = true;\r}\r_root.nPercentLoaded = (_root.getBytesLoaded()/_root.getBytesTotal())100;\r_root.nXround = (Math.ceil(nPercentLoaded/20))20;\rmcProgress.beginFill(0xff0000,100);\rmcProgress.moveTo(25, 190);\rmcProgress.lineTo((nPercentLoaded5)+25, 190);\rmcProgress.lineTo((nPercentLoaded5)+25, 210);\rmcProgress.lineTo(25, 210);\rmcProgress.endFill();\rif (_root.nPercentLoaded<100) {\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp gotoAndPlay(_currentframe-1);\r} else {\rremoveMovieClip(_root.mcBorders);\rremoveMovieClip(_root.mcProgress);\r}\r\rhope that helps.\rjeremy

Nice ! :smiley: \rpom 0]

whoa. did u write all the code?? i still haven’t learned any actionscript yet so it makes little sense to me…one day i imagined i was writing code in my mind! but all i know is a bit of java and that is it. i don’t think i need to put all that code because it loads fine now :slight_smile: but thx for trying to help me i’m very appreciative for everyones help\r\r:smokin: scott

it’s all about file size. a preloader that requires no mc’s or text fields is very small.\r:) \rjeremy