Want a pixel-sensitive click and drag for dynamic movie clips

Hi All :toad:

(See attached .fla)

As you can see I’ve got pixel-perfect collision detection going between the tip of the cursor and the sphere – thanks go to TheCanadian on these forums.

Now I need to make it so that any object (i.e. dynamically created movie clip) in my game can be picked up and dragged using that same pixel-perfect detection.

What do I do? I have a sense I may need to implement and event handler to do this (argh, I’m only a noob!), but not sure really where to head from here to get it working…

You will notice in the .fla that there is a boolean called ‘touch’ which is meant to be used for this in combination with onPress/onClick/onMouseDown… (which to use I don’t know). ‘Touch’ simply says if the cursor’s fingertip is touching a pixel of another movie clip (in this case, the sphere).

Thanks in advance.